Common usage of running the demo programs is described here.


Build the Demo Program


 $ cd benchmarks/DEMO_DIR
 $ make

Here, DEMO_DIR is each demo directory. See Documentation/Installation Guide for the detail.

Running Command

Execute as follows:

 $ ./DEMO_PRG -path PATH_LIST -agent AGENT_FILE -outdir OUT_DIR

Here, the demo-specific elements are:

Demo program whose name is *.out.
Comma separated path list for the demo program to search agent scripts.
Comma separated agent script(s) in which a reinforcement learning module and the other modules are configured.
Result directory into which the program store some data. You need to create OUT_DIR before running; if non-existet directory is specified, no result is stored.

Result Analysis

In OUT_DIR, the following files are stored:

Command line of the execution.
before.agent, after.agent
A whole agent script generated by the program (before the execution and after the execution, respectively).
External storage directory (maybe not used in this case).
Directory to store the copy of every included agent file.
Log file of (episode number, return in the episode).
Log file of each action.

For example, use gnuplot to plot the learning curve as:

 $ gnuplot
 gnuplot> plot 'log-eps-ret.dat' w l


In order to specify the random seed, just append an agent file as follows:

 $ ./maze2d.out -path ../cmn,m -agent ql_da1,seed0 -outdir result/rl1

This is a case of the Maze2D task. Here, seed0 is m/seed0.agent; in this file, the random seed is set to be zero. By specifying the random seed, we can obtain the same result in every run.



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