Installation Guide

Dependent Libraries

To build SkyAI, the following libraries (including headers) are needed:


1. Get the source code

Get the files from the Git repository:

 $ git clone git://

2. Create the file liblora/src/Makefile_odeflags

This file sets some compile flags for ODE.

See a sample: liblora/src/Makefile_odeflags.sample

3. Modify makefiles

The default makefiles are written for a standard Debian / Ubuntu system. If your system is something else, some modifications may be needed about the following makefiles:

4. Build

Build all programs

In the skyai directory, execute:

 $ make

Custom build

You can build each sub-program in any order. If a sub-program depends on the other sub-programs, they are automatically built.

 $ cd liblora/src
 $ make std
 $ cd liblora/src
 $ make oct
 $ cd liblora/src
 $ make ode
 $ cd libskyai/src
 $ make
 $ cd benchmarks/maze2d
 $ make
 $ cd benchmarks/humanoid01
 $ make
 $ cd benchmarks/bioloid
 $ make
 $ cd tools/ngnet-generator
 $ make

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