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OS Specific Installation Guide



General Installation Guide

Dependent Libraries

To build SkyAI, the following libraries (including headers) are needed:


1. Download the source code

Get the files from the Git repository:

 $ git clone git://

2. Setup the makefiles

1. Create a blank file Makefile_preconf:
 touch Makefile_preconf
2. Edit it as follows:
 include $(BASE_REL_DIR)/Makefile_preconf.sample
where SKYAI_DIRECTORY denotes the root directory of SkyAI.
1. Create Makefile_libconf as a copy of Makefile_libconf.sample
 cp Makefile_libconf.sample Makefile_libconf
2. edit Makefile_libconf

3. Build

Build all programs

In the SskyAI directory, execute:

 $ make

Custom build

Note: liblora is a supplementary library of SkyAI, which is used in every program.

Only libskyai (with ODE)
 $ make lora skyai
Only libskyai (without ODE)
 $ make lora skyai
 $ make lora_std lora_oct skyai
Maze2D demo (without ODE)
 $ make -C benchmarks/maze2d

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